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发展战略 / Development Strategy

Strategic focus
In leading position in the field of research and development.Protein binding in our unique combination of engineering and molecular detection, research and development strength, and give full play to their potential in the field of tumor in vitro diagnostic reagents.We are:
1 priority to invest in four core therapeutic areas, namely: gastrointestinal cancer detected thyroid carcinoma, lung cancer detection kits, detection kits, diabetes detection kit.In addition, we also positive attention to detect tumors of other areas, related opportunities for investment.
2 clinical product line, advance our efforts to achieve our goal established biological preparation products.
3 efforts to steadily promote a series of products listed.
4 through cross-regional team collaboration, a closer contact with the world first-class scientific hotspots, innovation and excellence as the core to build our development engine.
An ideal workplace
Establish a scientific leading, focus on patients and the culture of the flexible and efficient, able to attract and retain talented employees.This includes the streamline our organization form, improve efficiency, at the same time to create a dynamic and win-win cooperation in the work environment.
Both companies and the industry, we faced challenges are enormous.Our strategic goal for we did a very good location, help us to deal with challenges, grasp opportunities, for significant and lasting contributions to the medical health.
I have confidence that our leading position in the field of access to scientific right on the road, I also have the confidence to our employees have the ability, determination to focus on and the shareholders to achieve maximum value for patients.

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