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职业发展 / Development

Company will respect the talent cultivation and development and employee's career planning combined with the development of the enterprise.Set up training schools provide system training for employees.

Complete training system
1 learner series: learner guide series courses, for each new dispatch guidance, to help the couple to adapt to the stage.
2 professional development series: according to the management and technical function of different jobs to formulate the development plan of the position, and in accordance with the planning related training course, paved the way for staff development.
3 professional series: according to post requirement, the establishment of fusion of professional knowledge and practical professional training system.
4 professional series: including enterprise culture cognition, communication skills, business etiquette, use office software skills, and a series of courses, improving the professional quality of employees in an all-round way.
Diversified channels of learning
1 on-the-job training: by guiding system, post learning, improve their professional skills.
2 internal training: public training courses for the company and department.
3 sent outside training: to participate in the training course of external training organizations, seminar, etc.
4 self learning: the company has a library, read by self study upgrade.

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