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People cysteine protease inhibitors CST4 quantitative detection kit (enzyme-linked immunoassay)

Common name: product name 】 【 people cysteine protease inhibitors CST4 quantitative detection kit (enzyme-linked immunoassay)
English name: the Diagnostic Kit for policy Determination of Human Cysteine Proteinase Inhibitor CST4 (ELISA)
Packing specification 】 【 96 doses/box
"Intended use" this kit for detecting cysteine protease inhibitors of CST4 content in human serum, auxiliary test results for gastrointestinal cancer diagnosis and curative effect monitor.

1, overview CST4
CST4 belongs to cysteine protease inhibitors (CSTs) between Europe Cystains, members of the family, is located in the chromosome q20.CST4 is gastrointestinal malignant tumor cell proliferation in the process of production of protease inhibitors, resistant to tumor microenvironment on hydrolysis.CST4 protein molecules closely related with the occurrence and development of gastric cancer, colorectal cancer.Studies have shown that CST4 present high expression in gastric, colorectal tissues, and in the gastrointestinal tract normal tissue expression of low and medium;In the serum of patients with gastric, colorectal, CST - S will be unusually high protein content, lower the protein content in serum and in normal.This shows CST4 is closely related to the occurrence and development of the stomach, colon cancer.
2, CST4 applicable people
A, in the general population of healthy check-up
B, patients with chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract
C, have unhealthy eating habits or other bad habits
D, have a family history of gastrointestinal tumors
E, gastrointestinal tumor postoperative monitoring and regular monitoring after discharge.
3, CST4 test results
Test results
A single test
(auxiliary diagnosis)
< 101 pg/mL
Low risk area in gastric carcinoma
> 101 pg/mL
In a high risk area of gastric cancer
Continuous detection ratio R *
(curative effect evaluation or course monitoring)
> 125%
Condition worsens, or treatment is invalid
75% - 125%.
In a stable condition
< 75%
Improved or effective treatment
Note: R said two consecutive testing CST4 concentration, after a time and the ratio of the previous test results.

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