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投资者互动 / Investor Interaction

We sincerely invite regional agents
1, good business ethics;
2, to be able to recognize and accept my company's marketing concept, marketing management and guidance;
3, there are medical equipment business licenses, business scope including in vitro diagnostic reagents.
4, have medicines, medical apparatus and instruments operation experience and experience;
5, in the area have a tumor hospital or large comprehensive hospital network resources, and has a good social resources;
6, have strong ability of hospital development, can quickly into the courtyard of the target hospital.
Support and service
1, the detailed marketing guidance
1) to provide professional product knowledge and sales management training;
2) send with actual combat experience of sales personnel to assist agents to expand the market;
3) provide elaborate market operation plan, assist the agent for the market in intensive cultivation.
2, professional and academic support
1) adapted to different department and USES the product promotion information provided;
2) jointly organized large-scale academic seminar, sets up the product image, to promote the academic status of the product;
3) to establish and consolidate the VIP expert network, to develop the product;
4) in the major cities in China to carry out multicenter clinical trial projects;
5) in professional medical journal published academic papers about product, the reasonable application guide clinicians.
3, the strict market protection
1) ensure the exclusive rights to agency area/hospital;
2) the entire monitoring product flow, reduce impact the transregional risk;
3) collect market margin, determined to impose severe punishment on hedge the transregional behavior.
4, stable price system
1) ensure delivery at a reasonable price to the agent;
2) make bidding price and sale price of national unity.

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